Time has a way of getting away from me and before I know it, 4 years have passed.  The children are all growing and changing, and by the way, we now have 4, and the youngest just turned 3, there in lies the reason time escapes me.   I am learning a lot these days between home schooling Meaghan and trying to be a better wife and mother.  I often find myself frustrated with the current chaos in my life and feel like throwing my hands in the air and screaming or more often than not, discovering a new planet to live on, far, far away from the things, and people (children) that bother me.   I am forever thankful for my faith in Christ to get me through the days that are especially hard.  He always finds a way to bring things around and speak to me, using any means possible.  I am rather hard headed, and it’s funny that He fights the same thing with me that I do with my children, “They just won’t listen! ARGH”!   God certainly has a sense of humor.

I was watching the Dog Whisperer for the first time the other day and was completely enthralled with this man’s ability to work with some very naughty dogs.  The owners were all at their wits ends, and really believed their animals were beyond help, when in walks the dog whisperer and within minutes these dogs are transformed into the obedient animals these people wanted.  Then we discover that the problem wasn’t the dogs,  it was the owner’s handling of the dogs that was encouraging the behaviour these people hated.  I was fascinated!  Here I am, up to my wits end with my three year old that throws fits, doesn’t listen, back talks, and is most of the time a complete monster, but for Grandma and Ms. Joann at church, is a complete angel.  Then there is my daughter who is incredibly smart, has always done well at school, and has tested into accelerated Math, that I am home schooling for the first time and is missing half her math lesson almost everyday.  “Lord, I need  the Dog Whisperer”!  My children aren’t animals by any means, and it is quite humbling to get a butt whipping from a dog trainer, but the truth remains the same, a lot of the problems I fight with my children are actually my problems.  They are simply doing what I have allowed them to get away with doing.  With a fresh perspective, I have worked with Melanie all morning . She has visited the naughty step several times today but her attitude has improved dramatically.  Meaghan finished her school work by 1pm and went from missing 8 math problems to missing 2 today.  I suppose I will save my space travel for another day, Jesus has come through for me once again.   The Lord is faithful, and He keeps His promises.  He works all things to the good of those who love Him, and He uses whatever it takes to get the job done.  Kudos to the Dog Whisperer, he probably doesn’t know he was just a servant of the Lord.

May 2004

Well, my husband wants me to tell the world about myself. I’m trying to think of something interesting to say…….Hmmmmmm! Well, my career of choice, is being a wife and mother to three beautiful children…and one very large one, (just kidding)! The most recent addition is of course our son, Micah. Isn’t he cute? I have had three extremely different birth experiences, all have, in the end, been incredible experiences. Micah is almost two weeks old as I am writing this, so the birth and pregnancy are still fresh to my mind. I have spent my recovery time potty training Madeline, our two year old. Potty training is a neccesary evil in my mind. It has to be done, but I detest doing it. The whole process grosses me out, but she has done well, I’m very proud of her. It’s not an easy thing…..especially for a strong willed child. I’ve used a combonation of bribery, trickery, and threats to achieve this goal, and between the three we may have reached success. Meaghan, is my eldest, at 6 years old. She’s extremely bright and at the moment, has quite a few holes in her mouth. She’s lots of fun, has a great spirit, and everyone loves Meaghan. I’ve bragged on my kids like a good mother, now, what do I do? Isn’t that enough? Well most of my time is consumed by my family, but during the intervals I do have some spare time, I work on my house. I paint, and I paint, then I paint some more, and that will be a life long project, because by the time the whole house is painted, I won’t like the colors anymore and it will be time to start over and paint again! I’m learning alot about decorating, and I find it soooo rewarding when I have finally been inspired, and my ideas start coming together and a once ugly, unappealling room is transformed into something bright and beautiful. My challenge? To find inexpensive ways to decorate beautifully.

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