Hi, my name is hickamo .thats a cross between a hick and an eskimo.ha!ha! no, not realy thats my nickname.its really meg.well im entering 5th grade this year.i’m going to be ten next friends are…marleigh,danielle,alexis and chasity.well time for me to sign out.llove ya!Kiss


hey!  It’s me again.Im still in the third grade& were practiceing for the TAKs test.Boredom has set in scence mom has had the baby because no one was aloud to come over& play.My dad has let me watch The Twilight Zone.Little Dribblers has started.The practice is on Wednesday.Last time we played a game was last Saturday.We played the Savoy Cardinal’s. We lost the Cardinl game.

love, meaghan


Hi,I have 8 lose teeth! I have a fish. guss who Iam. Meaghan! Helo,guss what?I’m back!Tommoroo is the100th day of school and i i’m excited.We will be haveing…100 catipillair cupcakes , 100day lavapunch,candy,and freinds.The song goes like this…we’ve all been counting one by one ,Huroh!!!Huroh!!!we’ve all been coutning oh what fun,Huroh!!!


Hi, it’s me again I wanted to tell you all about my baby brother! But I have a new best friend her name is Raeli mottly. She is my boosem friend, you may know a Raeli it may be the one. My brother is adoreoble. Love, Meaghan

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